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Together we are changing the world through the contemplative action of spiritual direction.

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*Membership includes a subscription to Presence journal.

**If you have not renewed your membership between September 2014 to present, you will need to create a new store account (if you have not already). This account is only for the online store, and is separate from your membership records on file.

*** As of April 2017, US and international membership rates are the same: USD$79


Do you want to be part of a global contemplative movement that contributes to peace, justice, and living in right relationship with all creation? Your membership supports networking opportunities, publications, educational programming, outreach, and more.

Together we are changing the world through the contemplative action of spiritual direction. Everyone is welcome to become a member of SDI. You do not need to be a spiritual director to join.

The SDI global learning community is a group of compassionate listeners who are committed to peace and justice.

Membership Benefits include:

  • Membership (One year)
  • Being part of a worldwide contemplative movement
  • Global and local networking
  • Basic Listing in Seek and Find Guide: A Worldwide Resource of Available Spiritual Directors
    (includes your name, city, state/province/territory, country, telephone number, spiritual affiliation, languages spoken, and personal website.)
  • Subscription to Presence, Listen, and Connections
  • Monthly Discover newsletter
  • Access to discounted liability insurance
  • Discounts on educational events and gatherings
  • Discounts on SDI brochures and resources


Are you available to provide spiritual direction?: You do not have to be a spiritual director to become a member and receive member benefits.

My basic information can be published: Only members who are available to offer spiritual direction can be listed in the Seek and Find Guide.

Automatic Renewal?: Sign up for automatic recurring billing to conveniently renew your membership every year. Your card will be automatically charged on your renewal date.

If it is difficult for you to afford membership dues (for example, in case of illness, unemployment, retirement with limited resources, or other crisis), please let us know that you would like to apply for a scholarship for the coming year. We value your participation in our community and want to make it possible for you to stay actively involved with SDI through your changing circumstances.


Say moreexpand your listing!

All members of SDI receive a free basic listing in the Seek and Find Guide. But does that tell your whole story? For an additional USD$25.00, you can add up to one hundred-extra words, allowing you to share so much more about your ministry.

For example, you can include content such as:

  • A description of your background and ministry or service
  • E-mail address
  • Your formation and training program name(s)
  • The days or times you are available for spiritual direction



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