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Expanded Listing (Seek and Find Guide)

Say more—expand your listing!

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Say more—expand your listing!

All members of SDI receive a free basic listing in the Seek and Find Guide. But does that tell your whole story?

For an additional USD$25.00, you can add up to one-hundred (100) extra words, allowing you to share so much more about your ministry.

For example, you can include content such as:

  • A description of your background and ministry or service
  • E-mail address or website
  • Your formation and training program name(s)
  • The days or times you are available for spiritual direction

Please e-mail the text for your listing (100 word limit) to: office@sdiworld.org

*An active membership is required for an expanded listing. An expanded listing will be active for the length of your current membership. Please allow up to five business days for your listing to be updated in the online Seek and Find Guide.