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Give the gift of an SDI membership!

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Give the gift of an SDI membership to friends, family, or colleagues! Everyone is welcome to become a member of SDI. They do not need to be a spiritual director to join.

The SDI global learning community is a group of compassionate listeners who are committed to peace and justice.

Membership Benefits include:

  • Membership (One Year)
  • Being part of a worldwide contemplative movement
  • Global and local networking
  • Basic Listing in Seek and Find Guide: A Worldwide Resource of Available Spiritual Directors
  • Subscription to Presence, Listen, and Connections
  • Membership Moments
  • Discounted liability insurance
  • Discounts on educational events and gatherings
  • Discounts on SDI brochures and resources


Automatic Renewal?: Sign up for automatic recurring billing to conveniently renew your membership every year. Your card will be automatically charged on your renewal date.


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