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SDI Learns from ... Kathleen McAlpin, RSM, DMin, and Brian McDermott, SJ

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Reflections about a relationship with an intimate, personal God.

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Kathleen McAlpin, RSM, DMin, and Brian McDermott, SJ, reflect about a relationship with an intimate, personal God.

  1. What do you savor in your spiritual life? How do you let a spiritual experience linger?
  2. What does that communication with Divine look like for you?
  3. Does the term “cosmic reality” feel like an abstract concept to you? If so, how do you bring yourself to a concrete understanding of your personal spiritual relationship?

Kathleen McAlpin, RSM, DMin, is the chair of the SDI coordinating council. McAlpin has experience forming both spiritual directors and supervisors at universities in Canada and throughout the United States. She views the role of spiritual direction as central to nurturing community. In her own words, “If all peoples of this planet were spiritually attuned to the sacred, all would tend the holy, and our gifts would be shared communally.” McAlpin serves as a theology teacher and spiritual director with Mercy Spiritual Ministries of the Mid-Atlantic Sisters of Mercy.

 Brian McDermott, SJ, is a Jesuit Catholic priest, author, and currently serves as special assistant to the president at Georgetown University. He offered a keynote presentation titled “Contemplative Experience and Spiritual Direction” during the first SDI conference in 1990 at Mercy Center in Burlingame, California, USA, and was one of the keynote presenters at the 2015 Emerging Wisdom conference in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

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