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The teacher-student relationship in Zen Buddhism.

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Joshin Bryan Byrnes and Sally Taylor speak about the teacher-student relationship in Zen Buddhism.

Here are three questions that will help you identify who might benefit from this enlightening and meaningful tool.

  1. Are you curious how the teacher-student relationship in the Buddhist tradition parallels the spiritual director-seeker relationship in the Christian tradition?
  2. How can a teach-student relationship stay grounded?
  3. Are you interested in learning about letting go of illusions of the perfect teacher?

Joshin Bryan Byrnes is a Dharma Holder and student of Roshi Joan Halifax, having received Hoshi from her in 2014. He is a Zen priest and currently serves as Upaya's President and point person for the Upaya's residency program. He is also the director of Upaya's Chaplaincy program and is a core faculty member with a focus on systems theory. He was a keynote presenter at the 2014 SDI Emerging Wisdom conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

Sally Taylor is a contemplative guide and practitioner within the Tibetan Buddhist Gelugpa tradition. She lives in Northern Ireland, where she hosts Hermitage Cottage, and all that emerges from it as a spiritual retreat and contemplative experience. Programs that reach across faith traditions and speak from the heart, the core of all spiritual traditions, are offered on a regular basis. Her background and training is in religious and political studies, and in horticulture. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, USA, she has lived and worked in Northern Ireland for over thirty years, where she is an active member of the Northern Ireland Interfaith Forum. Taylor is a 'Guardian of Gratefulness' with ANG*L (A Network of Grateful Living) and serves on the Spiritual Directors International Coordinating Council.

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