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2017 Seeking Connection: Recordings

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Recordings from the 2017 SDI Seeking Connection educational events.

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Plenary Session and Workshop Recordings
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Workshops: USD$20
Plenary Session Audio: USD$20
Plenary Session Video: USD$29.95

Member Discount: -USD$5

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PL1AudioRenee Thomas-Hill, "Opening Community Event"
PL1-DVDVideoRenee Thomas-Hill, "Opening Community Event"
PL2AudioThe Interfaith Amigos, “Awakening to One”
PL2-DVDVideoThe Interfaith Amigos, “Awakening to One”
PL3AudioMeet the 2017 New Contemplatives
PL3-DVDVideoMeet the 2017 New Contemplatives
PL4AudioThe Interfaith Amigos, “Embracing the Other”
PL4-DVDVideoThe Interfaith Amigos, “Embracing the Other”
PL5AudioAnn-Marie Boudreau, ARCT, Contemplative Concert
PL5-DVDVideoAnn-Marie Boudreau, ARCT, Contemplative Concert
PL6AudioThe Interfaith Amigos, “Cultivating a Loving Connection to Creation”
PL6-DVDVideoThe Interfaith Amigos, “Cultivating a Loving Connection to Creation”

F1Rev. April Bolin, LCSW, and Rev. Allen Mosley                  Building Bridges to a World of Diversity and Acceptance
F3Alfred DePewConnecting the Dots: Paper Constellation as a Discernment Tool
F4Ryan KujaSacred Wounds: Scars as Sites of Transfiguration
F5Christine Luna MungerGroup Spiritual Direction: Teaching Contemplative Skills for Connecting Participants in Small Groups
F6John MabrySpiritual Guidance Across Traditions
F7Kava Schafer, MDiv, MAPoetry as Medicine for the Soul: How to Express the Inexpressible through Imagination
F8   Kaye TwiningThe Sacred Work of Being Human
F9Rev. Jane E. VennardConnecting to Our Souls by Engaging the World

S1Valerie Brown, JD, MA, ACC and Kirsten Olson, PhD, PCCDeep Speaks to Deep: Exploring the Practice of the Clearness Committees
S2Sue Dunbar, BSc, DipEd, MAThe Transformation Story: The Truth of our Connectedness
S5Igal Harmelin MoriaSpiritual Direction as an Enabler of Social Change
S6Yvonne Prowse, MACultivating Earth’s Hope: Addressing the Call to Ecological Conversion in Spiritual Direction
S7Samuel RahbergInto the Woods: Harvesting Nature’s Wisdom for Listening and Leading
S8   Rev. Karl Ruttan, PhDConnecting to the Divine Within: Using the Appreciative Way to Uncover the True Self
S9Colleen Sharka, MA, LMHCCan We Talk: The Spiritual Response of Community Companions to the Disconnection of Trauma